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Best Books to Quit Smoking & Drinking

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A lot of people around you might be constant smokers and drinkers. For those who have a daily habit might be thinking of quitting but just could not get there. 

If it is a part of your family, friends, or even close acquaintances, it is quite worrying. Even if it is you, it is time to find a different and more productive way of getting yourself and them off this regular habit. We have refined a list of the best textbooks that can encourage one to quit smoking and drinking effectively. 

7 Best Books to Quit Smoking & Drinking (Reviews)

1. Easy Way To Stop Smoking

Author: Allen Carr

Publisher: Clarity Marketing USA LLC

Pages: 280 pages

The author has been very thorough in trying to make the reader realize how to look deeper into oneself to understand the reasons behind dependency and eliminate each one by one. Talking from experience, the author has been able to put his own experiences down and the ways he dealt with each roadblock towards a healthy smoke-free life.

For everyone from an occasional to a regular smoker, this book will be a pot of gold providing you with a clear view of your future in your current scenario and comparing it to the one you can experience after quitting. Every single topic within the book unravels more of an individual’s state of mind. 

If a person stops believing that quitting will bring withdrawals and also reduce enjoyment, then uncovering real reasons for dependency will enable joyful smoke-free life with quitting conviction.  

Summary: The author promotes the idea that one should not consider quitting smoking as a sacrifice or a restraint. One should consider it as gaining freedom. Get it Now.

2. Quit Drinking Without WIllpower: Be a Happy Nondrinker

Author: Allen Carr

Publisher: Arcturus

Pages: 256 pages

The author offers a very thorough review of the genuine reasons for a person to drink and how to think about escaping the situation. He analyzes each detail and proceeds step by step towards the clarity and simplicity of life. This analysis brings a deeper knowledge of the situation and possible solutions. 

Through this book, one can let go of any misconceptions and illusions that surround the subject. You can also understand that it is not impossible to live without drinking. One might think drinking is a pleasure and luxury. This book clears the disbelieving fog from the reader’s minds. 

This is a good read to train your mind in the practicalities of life that are more important than buying yourself a drink each day. The author follows the Easyway method to stove away the psychological need to drink. It’s about understanding why a person does not need to rely on willpower to quit drinking.

Summary: Quit Drinking Without Willpower is a general writeup that offers a thorough, painless, and simple solution to anyone who wishes to escape the dependency alcohol brings without strong withdrawals. Get it Now.

3.The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphone to Love

Author: Judson Brewer

Publisher: Yale University Press

Pages: 256 pages

The one book that dives into the psychology behind addiction and the practical ways to overcome it is the Judson Brewer’s best work yet. This is already changing lives and encouraging even occasional smokers to take a long non-ending break. This is the best read for every individual that wishes to be free.

This book consists of practical advice while providing a subtle training for the reader’s mind. It offers a very realistic view of the additions and deep insight into the path towards a viable painless treatment for a happy life. 

This is an excellent read for those who believe they just can’t stay away from taking a smoke as soon as a stressful situation makes its presence known. How to tackle such situations without feeling smoke withdrawal or deprivation is what this book is all about.

Summary: Why someone feels the need to feed into additions and what are some of the most ground-breaking answers to relevant questions to, ‘Why’. It opens up the pathway towards the addiction-breaking solutions. Get it Now.

4. This Naked Mind

Author: Annie Grace

Publisher: HQ

Pages: 274 pages

Annie Grace believes in diving into the intellectual journey of self-discovery. One should discover what the relationship between alcohol and pleasure is and why are the lines often blurred. Overcoming the mythical nature of understanding that alcohol offers pleasure and needs to be a vital part of everyday life, is a study on its own that Annie has done thoroughly.

This book does not intend to scare, provide a painful method, or even cause the feeling of depriving in an individual. What it does offer is a solution while working with the symptoms and causes rather than jumping to quitting. When you understand the meaning behind that strong need to pick up a glass, you can truly understand that alcohol is not the answer.

Summary: This book dives for insights into the practical reasons one drinks and turns to alcohol. It is enough to open the closed doors of the minds that have inculcated alcohol into the culture. Get it Now.

5. Easy Way for Women to Quit Smoking

Author: Allen Carr

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Limited

Pages: 256 pages

This book addresses how women smokers who are looking for a way out of their addiction can benefit in the best possible way. It provides a sympathetic environment for women sufferers enabling a deeper impact with each read. It is a self-help methodology that paves the way for women to emerge as a new entity in their lives.

The author amazingly quotes his own experiences and observations on the world. With this readers can relate and agree upon the possible differentiation in scenarios. This brings about enlightenment and encourages women to pave their own way to happiness in a smoking-free life. It’s all about encouraging and guiding women smokers to transition smoothly without feeling deprived and without using willpower.

Summary: This discusses what the most commonly faced difficulties in life for women smokers are and what kind of approach should they use to overcome them. Get it Now.

6. The 30-Day Sobriety Solution: How to Cut-back or Quit Drinking

Author: Jack Canfield

Publisher: Atria

Pages: 592 pages

This book is an excellent way to get yourself out of the drinkers’ support group in your vicinity which must be waiting for you to appear. This is the kind of book that you can follow through with to get yourself out of the drinking habit with practical to-do tasks for a positive mental impact. 

A series of day by day solutions listed in this book is a guaranteed recipe for a happy and great future. All a person has to do is recognize their addiction, understand why they need a glass of drink, and then focus on finding an alternative to this problem.

Summary: It provisions self-esteem and success training for regular and addicted drinkers. It has a breakdown of the steps into five phases tallying into 30 days to guide through relative exercises. Get it Now.

7. Quit Drinking: AN Inspiring Recovery Workbook by Former Alcoholic

Author: Joanne Edmund

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 180 pages

This is a very practical approach to quitting your drinks. It offers a series of day-to-day practical exercises enabling an individual to understand alcohol addiction, the extent, the reason, and a way out. This is an excellent read for every individual genuinely wishing for a long-term reprieve from drinking.

This book offers very sober guidance to building an emergency plan whenever a craving for drink comes rushing back. It’s all about getting a deep insight into a person’s drinking patterns and finding the right ways to interrupt the regular cycle. It provides very realistic solutions and shows verified ways that will work to uplift your spirit towards quitting drinking.

When you have a goal set you can see the future beyond its achievement. That’s’ the approach this book follows with its remarkable exercises to build new habits. It also enables building up new goals beyond recovery from alcoholism.

Summary: This book offers to be your personal self-help guide to conquering your drinking problem at the root level. Get it Now.


We really hope that this list of the best textbooks to quit your smoking and drinking can be really your guide to a truly successful future. All these are easily available for purchase on Amazon. But it is advisable that you go through all specifications before purchase to recognize the best one for you.

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