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Best Books on Operations Management

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As someone on a management position, a person holds many responsibilities because their performance impacts the return of a company. Whether it is financial management or operation management, there are many books which can prove to be of value to readers.

These books are selected carefully so that they can stimulate your interest and enhance your knowledge. We have compiled a list of the best books on operations management so that you can gain the required knowledge to perform your job role with excellence.

In our opinion, these books are no less than a treasure trove!

5 Best Books on Operations Management & Reviews

1. Sustainable Procurement in Supply Chain Operations

Author: Sachin K. Mangla

Publisher: CRC Press

Pages: 524

In this book, the author talks about the subject of sustainable procurement since it is a trending topic in operations management in the current times. The author plots a timeline on which the improvement and radical changes in this field have occurred. As a result, he introduces the concept of customer focused management to his readers.

The supply chain system is no joke and the author raises the knowledge of the reader by highlighting the same. He draws the attention of the reader towards the customer element of the chain since it plays a major role in deciding the outcome of the operational efforts of a business.

To face the global business environment, the author presents a deep understanding of the subject to the reader. He offers meaningful insights to the readers with the help of actionable data. At the same time, he raises the subject of other important topics so that readers can make the complete use of his contribution in this book.

The context of this book is intellectual and descriptive so that it can educate the readers. Using his personal perspective, the author has drawn a clear connection between the mind of the reader and the concepts of the subject to make it clearer for them.

Summary: The readers will appreciate the clear and concise structure of the text since the author has presented this book with factual data and information. This book is good to use for beginners and professionals in operations management.

2. Operations Management

Author: Prof Nigel Slack and Prof Alistair Brandon Jones

Publisher: Pearson

Pages: 776

This book has been compiled by two expert authors who are also professors in their professional capacity. These authors have presented the exciting and challenging world of operations management with ease which makes this book very interesting. There are many elements of the book which will be appreciated by the readers since it is very friendly in its approach.

This book serves as an important reference material for readers since it is based on the services of an organization. The book revolves around the various operations which are carried out in a product and service organization. As a result, there are many practical examples to be found and illustrations to be read. This keeps the readers engaged in the text of the book.

The authors have done a commendable job to explore the realms of operations management so that the readers can be given a comprehensive view of the matters related to the concept. At the same time, they also talk about the various challenges which face the organizations today. Thus, they effectively draw the attention of the reader in the direction of the topic.

Summary: Readers will be able to get a wide outlook at the concept of operations management with this book. It will not be long before they realize that it is everywhere around us.

3. Loose-Leaf for Operations Management

Author: Gerard Cachon and Christian Terwiesch

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Pages: 1536

Going by the number of pages in this book, a reader is bound to find it extensive. However, this particular title has been designed by the authors for students at the undergraduate level, who may be taking a course in the field of operations management.

This textbook is relentlessly long and detailed in every concept which it portrays. From a reader’s perspective, this is quite good since they get exposure to a wide array of topics. The structure and design of the book are such that it aims to strengthen the learning potential of the reader.

Accessed by a typical student, this book promises to offer information which will make him self sufficient in the knowledge of this subject. The authors have included the latest examples, trends and illustrations in this book so that readers can understand the context of the book in a better manner.

Summary: The readers will appreciate the adaptive text of the book, which is not only current and precise but also to the point and straightforward at explaining the subject of operations management to its readers.

4. Operations Management: Managing Global Supply Chains

Author: Ray R. Venketaraman and Jeffrey K. Pinto

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Pages: 1152

Another big number on this list here is another comprehensive book on operations management from two brilliant authors. This book is interactive and integrated in the manner of presenting information so that readers can grasp it easily. The authors place their focus on various decision making factors which impact the field of operations management.

The authors clarify the concept of supply chain management for the readers and explain how it is a vital concept for every organization. The book adopts a critical problem solving approach to answer the questions in the mind of the readers. Starting with a comprehensive approach to learning, the author simplifies the text with the use of clear language and illustrative cases. The authors also discuss in depth about the SAGE amp management system in this book, since it is one of the trending domains currently.

Summary:The readers will find this book dense and fact filled since it has been written with an academic perspective. There are six different parts in this book, structured in a relevant manner.

5. Essential Manufacturing

Author: Gordon Mair

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 424

This book focuses on the important length and breadth of the manufacturing industry. The authors find it vital to introduce the topic to various category of students. This is why, they have crafted this all inclusive textbook, which serves as a ready reckoner for students, who are preparing for the subject from an academic perspective.

The book takes a self explanatory approach to detail out various topics. At the end of each topic, the reader also gets to attempt review questions so that they can test their learning. This book is suitable for someone who is just starting in this field, as well as for someone who is already on the advanced toad.

Summary: The readers will appreciate the current course content of the book. Everything is explained from an academic purpose, which is sure to make this book useful and relevant for students.

In Conclusion

Operations Management is a trending topic today and evolving as a popular field as well. It only makes sense why students and professionals would like to update their knowledge in this domain. We hope that these books will prove to be useful for your learning purposes. If you have read another useful book on operations management, please share it with us as well.

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