Best Books on Nikola Tesla

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The name of Nikola Tesla is a prominent one in the world of inventions. The life of the futurist was a fine example of many budding inventors and entrepreneurs. Even after 75 years since his expiration, he continues to be a guiding mentor for many.

It is only natural why people love to read more about him so here are the top 5 books on Nikola Tesla, which are not only an insight into his life and work but also a source of guidance and motivation for those who dream to walk along his footsteps.

5 Best Books on Nikola Tesla & Reviews

1. Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla

Author: John J. O’Neil

Publisher: Cosimo Classics

Pages: 336

This book is a long standing favourite of many Tesla fans. Worshipping the life and work of Nikola Tesla, this book is a testament to his lifetime of achievement. The author shows no modesty in describing the world famous personality, with complete regard to his work.

This definitive biography on Nikola Tesla Travels down the memory lane. It explores the inventions which are a prodigy of Tesla. Seemingly, without these, the modern day civilisation as we know it today would not have existed. Tesla has been embodied as a pioneer of electrical engineering from his time.

This biography comes from O’Neil, who was a Pulitzer prize winner for his authorship and had come under the companionship of the famous Nikola Tesla. This book is a transparent mirror into the different incidents in the life of Tesla, as the author came to know them. The writing style of the author, though replete with the usage of arbitrary and huge words, comes out as a pleasant experience for the reader. Perhaps this is why a book that dates back to more than seven decades remains one of the best ones on the story of Nikola Tesla.

Summary: The author presents a riveting account of the iconic Nikola Tesla with accurate accounts of how he knew the personality. For a few readers, the writing style may not appear appealing though. Get it Now.

2. My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

Author: Nikola Tesla and Ron Welch

Publisher: Bassett Publishing

Pages: 52

From the prophet of electronic expertise himself, the autobiography of Nikola Tesla is one book that you should not miss, if you seek to know more about the iconic personality. Tesla drove a revolution that has awarded our generation with the gift of electronic superiority. If it might not be too much to say, we may have been far behind without his inventions.

The good thing about reading this autobiography is that it is a personal account of Tesla. Nothing gives you a more personal insight into his life and work than something written on his own. He was a conglomeration of creativity and ambition in such a unique manner that he inspired generations of passionate students and learners. His work shaped mankind as we know it today, for which we owe him one.

Among the best books on Tesla, is his autobiography that embraces his brilliant mind and achievements.

Summary: A first hand account, this book is an excellent read for those who take interest in reading autobiographies. A true revelation of facts about Tesla makes this worth reading. Get it Now.

3. Tesla: Man Out of Time

Author: Margaret Cheney

Publisher: Dorset Press

Pages: 400

This is an informative account of the brilliant pace of work done by Nikola Tesla. In this interesting biography, the author reveals her perspective of the renowned personality, calling him one of the greatest scientists to be gifted to mankind in the 20th century.

The author makes a staggering revelation as to how Tesla was called a madman by his enemies. Yet, for those who knew and understood his work and ambition, knew better than to call him that. She highlights how Tesla created and invented stuff that was not only out of the box but also plain astonishing. She describes his world transforming creations as devices that followed no theoretical precedent.

In this biography, Cheney gives a detailed account of some of the marked inventions made by Tesla. At the same time, she also delves into a detailed account of his personal life and how he used to be disturbed by several phobias and compulsions.

In all its might, this book paints Tesla’s human portrait in the mind of the reader that leaves the reader bewildered by the advances that society has made with his passion.

Summary: Among the first ever books to be written on Tesla, this one will captivate the reader’s attention with its thrilling storyline. The reader will come to appreciate the depth of the work in this book. Buy it Now.

4. The Invention of Everything Else

Author: Samantha Hunt

Publisher: Vintage Digital

Pages: 273

This novel is set in New York, where a woman happens to chance upon the legendary inventor – Nikola Tesla. The book alternates between the final few days of Tesla and his reminiscences and the local life of the woman. The author builds up several plots along with the book but somewhere, misses out on forming a relevant structure out of them.

Meanwhile, the city of New York is described with recollections of nostalgia. The storyline is peculiar but charming and gripping enough to stop the reader from putting down the book. Perhaps, the imaginative storyline plotted by the author is intense and unique in such a sense that the book emerges as something that the reader is thrilled with.

The lost history of Nikola Tesla emerges beautifully in this book against the backdrop of a revolutionary city. The author does an excellent job of entering the mind of the female protagonist of the novel but not so much at that of the 68 year old master inventor. Yet, the book remains one of the best storylines on Nikola Tesla to date.

Summary: Readers will be fascinated to find peculiar details of the last days of Nikola Tesla. Yet, the cartoonish portrayal of his friends, Edison Muir might seem to put them off the track. Get it Now.

5. Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century

Author: Sean Patrick

Publisher: Oculus Publishers

Pages: 41

This book uncovers the imagination behind the real life brilliant inventors, Nikola Tesla. The author makes an attempt to uncover the life of the greatest inventor ever known to mankind. The compelling storyline keeps the reader hooked and on the edge of the impending revelations.

The book remains information and true to actual events. Yet it is entertaining and inspiring for someone who loves to read about science and discovery. The book might emerge as a thought provoking motivation for many who seek the right direction to make an impact in their life.

This biography is different than any ordinary text from a history book. Reading this book will also give you an insight into the lives of several other major inventors like Edison and JP Morgan. What remains today of Tesla’s greatest works is his memory and the advanced journey that we have made in the world of electric engineering, all thanks to him. This book is a testament to his work and his life, driven by a very compelling and strong structure that man will find hard to put down before completing the last words.

Summary: This fascinating book is a must read for someone who wants to know about Nikola Tesla. The authentic account of his life and work keeps the reader hooked with lucid language and text. Get it Now.

In Conclusion

Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest visionaries that the world knows of. His work and inventions have given us a world that would have been far behind without his inventions. We hope that you will find these collections of books useful for your purpose and enjoy reading these exciting books on Nikola Tesla.

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