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Best Books on Network Marketing

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Network Marketing is interchangeably used with the terms affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, referral marketing, consumer-direct and home-based franchising. Every company develops its own tier of salespersons. In the next tier, every salesperson may set up their own tier of salespersons. This is a very rewarding strategy in business and needs to be appropriately utilized for the best outcome. 

We have shortlisted some of the greatest reads to help you out in expanding your reach efficiently. These books would be your guide to effective Network Marketing by providing you with a unique approach at every step. 

5 Best Books on Network Marketing & Reviews

1. Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Author: Eric Worre

Publisher: Network Marketing Pro Inc.

Pages: 100 pages

This book is a very thoroughly defined personal guide for businesses. This provides an insight into finding prospects, inviting to opportunity, presenting products, following up with prospects, converting to consumers, growing a team by event promotion, getting started immediately and so much more. 

At every step, this book will provide you with a way out of numerous situations quite effectively. With its crisp and clear points, the matter is not difficult to grasp by the readers. Its practical approach to professional case studies also provides a strong foundation for establishing an efficient network marketing plan.

For a person who is setting up their business or someone who is looking to expand their reach online, this book is the perfect go-to guide. This book was marked as one of the greatest reads due to its go-pro guarantee. Every strategy quoted by the author ensures that a business can grow professionally in a few easy steps. 

Summary: This is a title that is filled with wisdom incorporated by the real-life experiences of the author. It is an excellent read right from the life of a Networking Marketing Professional.

2. Rock Your Network Marketing Business

Author: Sarah Robbins

Publisher: Rockin’ Robbins Publishing

Pages: 110 pages

This outstanding read consists of strategies to enlighten you about product promotion, powering prospects, presenting opportunity, products/services, powerfully close, powerfully beginning new distributors, duplicating and so much more. With every facet of the business marketing, this book provides great value to companies and individuals.

This book dedicates the entire read to the individuals aiming to gain a six or seven-figure success in a month through its tried and tested strategies. Though it does not point towards becoming an instant millionaire, it focuses on gaining benefits over time. The author ensures that this book will enable a business owner or individual to truly become a network marketing rock star in a very short time span. 

The best thing about this book is its simplicity in thoughts and ideas that have been conveyed keeping in mind the individual new to this field. This has been recorded and reviewed as one of the greatest books for beginners and those who wish to grow with a small business in hand. Overall, a phenomenally intellectual read to give a direction to those who need it the most. 

Summary: This book hits in just the right spots in the readers’ minds. It states the realities of owning a small business including the failures and rejections with consistency and focus to become successful.

3. Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing

Author: Ray Higdon

Publisher: Success in 100 Pages

Pages: 114 pages

This is one book that takes you out from a cloud of confusion and thrusts you head-first in the real world with the best solutions and clarity in strategies. It inculcates the importance of understanding the social media arena to encapsulate into the network marketing business. 

It talks about utilizing social media and the types of posts to focus on, the things to avoid sharing, profile inclusions to-do and not-to-do, four-step process to effectively create facebook lives, reaching out on social media and conversation tips, following up on people who have jumped out of your radar, what to do if you have been wrong and so much more.

This is a golden read for those who have been trying out several things but none of it works well. This freakishly effective read would enable a clarity in network marketing through a verified set of tactics that surely works. Additionally, with its numerous case studies and real-life examples, understanding of the practicality of these tactics would be clear as a crystal.

Summary: A short and powerful read, this book provides a quick way to understand network marketing and apply effective strategies through social media. It follows a simplistic approach with maximum impact for optimum output.

4. Your First Year in Network Marketing

Author: Mark Yarnell, Rene Reid Yarnell

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Pages: 304 pages

This book is a great way to grasp the first-year strategies and solutions to unexpected situations. It’s approach includes dealing with rejection, recruiting and training, avoiding overmanage of downline, remaining focussed, staying enthusiastic, avoiding unrealistic expectations, staying enthusiastic, easing out of another profession, conducting in-house meetings and so on. 

This book is nothing short of practical encouragement for aspiring individuals and businesses alike. What you gain with this read, is the wealth of practical advice on everything that is required to move ahead with network marketing. Some of those pointers include proven systems of training, recruitment, growing and supporting of downline and more. 

This book has become a mantra for those starting out having been written by two of the greatest professionals with years of experience in the field. Everything that a person faces as obstacles in the first year and every situation that comes on the forefront, can be easily and effectively overcome and tackled by the freakishly effective strategies of Yarnell.

Summary: While many individuals quit their jobs to focus on businesses, some give up their dream due to a deadend in the first year. This book is a bible for every single such individual. 

5. Go for No! for Network Marketing

Author: Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz

Publisher: Courage Crafter Inc.

Pages: 144 pages

This book is an excellent read to grasp the concept of ‘NO’ in businesses. It makes you wonder about the word and then brings you an epiphany about its effectiveness. While some may consider this term negative, this book will change their mindset and teach them about how ‘NO’ plants the seeds to grow into a ‘YES’ in future. If you understand that, combined with strategies of seed plantation, it will just happen.

This book is essentially for those looking into understanding network marketing from a new perspective. With its personal and real-life examples, one might be able to understand the practical application of strategies as already done before. Along with that, this book contains several scripts and conversations. These can be of help can help an individual effectively prepare themselves for every step in network marketing. 

One thing that makes this book worth a read is its understanding of human minds. How to hit the pain points and capture the right reactions with every point, that is what this book can do. So, if you have doubts about any step in your business processes, somehow, they will be answered within this book. The authors have done a remarkable job in concising the possibilities one might encounter. Along with this, the respective reactions one should uphold to combat the need of the hour.

Summary: This book dives into the author’s experiences step-by-step and focuses on the situation at hand for businesses and individuals. This book outlines the easy with which you can reach the ladder of success.


We really hope that this compilation of 5 remarkable books about Network Marketing would be enlightening and helpful. You can easily find these books on Amazon. Be assured that you peruse through the specifications to find the one that is best suited to all your business and individual needs.

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