Best Books on Law of Attraction

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For those who have heard about the law of attraction, the idea of manifesting wishes through subconscious thinking is an attractive one. However, there is a lot more to the law of attraction that should be understood by an individual. So, before he attempts to practice the art, he must understand all about it. Reading some books on the law of attraction is one way for them to gain a clear understanding of the concept. 

Listed below are some of our top picks on the law of attraction. So, any of these can be picked up by an interested reader. We hope that these books will serve your purpose and help you understand the entire scheme in its entirety. 

5 Best Books on Law of Attraction

1. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Author: Eckhart Tolle

Publisher: New World Library 

Pages: 236

Having sold over two million copies until now, this book happens to be one of the best one’s on the law of attraction. This book is a collection of mere simple principles and examples that take the reader along a spiritual journey. The context of the book is highly inspiring and expands the knowledge sphere of the reader. Thus, the author attempts to arouse a meaningful understanding of the mind of the reader with the help of apt examples and sharing of a novel guideline. 

The author assists the reader to discover the path to realization and truth with the help of an example, shared from his personal experience. Starting with the first chapter, the author throws light on the aspects of life which the reader must grow aware of. Then, he moves on to help them identify a path along which they can find themselves in the present and stay aloof to any pain. Hence, reading this book is like walking on a journey along with the author and discovering the true potential that lies within each reader. 

In this book, the author elucidates the importance of thinking in the present. It is because they can manifest their wishes and desires with its help. In a very fluid fashion, the reader is made aware of the power of one’s mind in this book. The fluid approach of the book dares to answer any questions which may unravel the mystery of the human mind. 

Summary: The reader will find this book really inspiring and knowledgeable. So, it will be highly appreciated by most readers for its user-friendly approach. 

2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Author: Joseph Murphy 

Publisher: Martino Publishing

Pages: 124

This is a wonderful book to read if you want to travel the realms of your subconscious mind. The author has divided the entire book into meaningful chapters. So the reader can make sense of a huge load of information with ease. This book is a stark reminder of the potential of the subconscious mind. But reading the author expresses his thoughts on the same might compel you to realize the matter with some seriousness. The author also plans to inspire the reader by stating the difference between those who use their subconscious and those who do not. 

This book is a window to oversee the importance of visualization and positive thoughts. The author is an advocate of wishing good for others and expressing gratitude on a daily basis. This, he believes is the supreme reason why many of us are content with our lives. There is so much more to discover in this book beyond these matters. 

This book is average in volume and can be easily carried around. This is in fact, an excellent idea for readers, who would practically like to inculcate the ideas of the author in their daily life. Thus, this books serves as an excellent example and inspiration for readers. Plus, it has the potential to alter the way people think about their situations and motivate them to think positively. 

So, this book can truly alter a person’s life, should he be able to follow the guidelines offered by the author. In that case, this book might truly come off as a blessing to the reader. 

Summary: this is a fresh and creative book on the topic of law of attraction and offers help to those who are out of options because it delivers a different way to think and assess problematic situations. 

3. Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World

Author: William Walker Atkinson


Pages: 80

This is among the oldest books to talk on the concept of law of attraction. The author describes the potent of thoughts as energy fields and their ability to alter what happens to us. This classic book is an exemplary pick on the subject of law of attraction. This is because it explains the whole idea in the most relevant and lucid manner. 

Time and again, the reader will find the author paying heed to the nature of our mental thoughts in this book. This is because of his belief that they have the power to alter the way we think and how our mind functions. The power of positive thoughts on the body is prime and this is what the author tries to instigate in the mind of the reader. Although the book was written somewhere in the 1900s, it continues to remain effective and applicable to the readership even today. 

This book truly comes forward as a gem among the numerous books we have to read on the law of attraction. The most appealing part of this book is how the author connects with the reader. He understands the ease with which a person is likely to form a negative thought and expresses his ideas on how this can be avoided. Reading this book is a motivation to focus only on the stuff that one really wants. 

Summary: This book is beyond important for someone who is looking to alter their life. It contains relevant ideas and thoughts, which can prove to be life-changing for any ordinary person. 

4. As a Man Thinketh

Author: James Allen 

Publisher: Value Classic Reprints

Pages: 26

Not a conventional mode of a book, this one is more of an essay but equally important and relevant. This book is an excellent foundational material for someone who is starting their journey to understand what law of attraction is all about. Almost every modern-day book on the topic seems to draw some degree of inspiration from this essay. The book is very crisp and clear on the idea of how each man is the creator of events around him. Thus, what the author propagates through this book is the idea that each one builds their own life. 

In doing this, he clearly highlights that whatever happens to us, whether it is good or bad, happens because we build it for us. To bring a total transformation in life, the author presents the idea of working on each thought with patience and intelligence. 

We believe that the real inspiration to bring a change in life must come from within a person. And to do that, this essay is an excellent point to begin. This short book is transformational in nature and holds the power to alter a person’s will and thinking. It is inspiring to read the author propagate the idea of using positivity in thoughts to bring a valid change in the condition of one’s life. 

As a short read, this book promises to get the reader started on the journey to discover the law of attraction. So, in our opinion, the readers must start with this book! 

Summary: The short and precise flow of the book might surprise and entice the reader. Yet, those who have already ventured along the path of the law of attraction might find little use of this book. 

5. The Master Key System

Author: Charles F. Haanel

Publisher: Value Classic Reprints 

Pages: 88

This is another classic masterpiece on the subject of law of attraction. In this book, the author talks about the fundamental laws of nature. One ought to put themselves in tandem with them if they want to be the benefactor of their grace. He believes that putting oneself in harmony with these laws is the supreme path to growth and success in life. Thus, the author propagates the idea of thinking positively and allowing the flow of your thoughts head in a rewarding direction. He believes that by doing this, there are many advantages that might come to the reader. 

This book is among the finest ones on the path of self-discovery and paves the way for a reader to find his true potential. The author touches the topic of positive thoughts and helps the reader understand why it is important. The reader is only bound to feel good after reading this effective book. It helps them understand the importance of moving in a positive direction in life. So, it also charges them with the right motivation to achieve that as well. It is believed that this book was also the inspiration behind Bill Gate’s success. 

Summary: the readers will appreciate the crisp format of the book within which it delivers multiples lessons and words of wisdom. There is not one reader who might complain about its effectiveness on the subject!

In Conclusion

With this, we complete our list of the best books on the law of attraction. These books have been compiled after extensive thought and consideration into the nature of the topic and the best options available for them in the textual space. 

We hope that you might have found a book that looks interesting to you on the topic. If you have ever read another book on the same topic, do share it with us below. 

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