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Best Books on Hitler

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The mention of Hitler’s name brings a revival of evil and terror in the minds of many. It is only fascinating why someone may want to know more about him and his life. In picking out the best book on his life and deeds, one must not forget the bizarre personality that he was, which drove a startling change in the world that generations to come will talk about.

Find the best books on Hitler below which are supported by an element of worth in being selected to this list.

5 Best Books on Hitler & Reviews

1. The Fuhrer 

Author: Konrad Heiden

Publisher: Castle Books/Book Sales

Pages: 624

This book is a first – hand portrayal of Hitler’s rise to power by the author who pursued the man relentlessly throughout his career as a journalist. To be the first among the line of journalists who got up close to the powerful orator’s actions and gain to stature, Konrad never fell towards the juggle of support to the Nazi man.

The author had the zeal to get into the depth of matters in Hitler’s life, making fine observations about him. This book does an excellent job of bringing out the monstrous vision that Hitler had reserved for Germany.

This book is a clear and precise narrative of a national character who gained enough popularity to be remembered as the mightiest dictator of all times. The historical writing arouses emotions of the ruthlessness that enveloped Germany at the time of Hitler’s dictatorship. Being present at the time of all the action gave Heiden access to classified information, which has been repeatedly referred to while penning down other books on Hitler.

The author describes various events that unfolded during Hitler’s rise to power, which makes it vital for anyone, seeking to read about him, to turn the pages of this book.

Summary: Those looking to find a cheerful read will be disappointed not because of the style of writing but because this is among the only few books to be penned from that time with rambling events.

2. Hitler’s Vienna: A Portrait of the Tyrant as a Young Man 

Author: Brigitte Hamann and Hans Mommsen

Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks

Pages: 496

This book rests on the personification of Hitler as a messenger of evil. The author takes a unique trajectory to explore what changed a seemingly fine and young man into the prowess of dictatorship, which the world knows him for. As an acclaimed historian, the author shines light upon the formative years of Hitler’s life.

With a keen interest to highlight the making of Hitler, the author draws a significant amount of information from different sources to paint the image of the Nazi leader. The book undoubtedly serves as an impressive read, with an accurate flair for research and thoughtful insights.

This book gains its fame for being one of the most outstanding accounts of Hitler and his formative years. With an artistic as well as a philosophical approach, the author ensures that she paints the most accurate picture of Hitler. Along with this, she also takes the reader on a soulful trip around Vienna, which she speaks about with intense authority.

Summary: This spyglass of a book instantly appeals to a reader’s instincts. Hence it is touted to be among the best reads in the category of Hitler’s life and rise to power.

3. The “Hitler Myth”: Image and Reality in the Third Reich

Author: Ian Kershaw

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 320

The Hitler Myth is a stark account of the most powerful dictator of the 20th century with the German people. In this biography, the author talks about creation, growth and the death of the ‘Hitler Myth’. Having collected large pieces of information via several official reports and party agencies, the author brews a timeline of events that allowed the Nazi leader to gain a prominent control over the people of Germany.

In this book, the author also talks about the influence that the German people found themselves under during the peak of Nazi rule. The fact that people had an adulation for Hitler, begs to question behind the philosophy of the people.

To the masses who were accustomed to viewing Hitler as a caricature of evil, at the mere mention of his name, this book proposes to expand their vision. Why the German people abdicated their right to better leadership and chose to follow Hitler is a direction towards firm leadership that the book talks about. It may not be incorrect to say that the book uncovers the myths surrounding the rise and power of Hitler.

Summary: The reader may find few pages of the book written in historic fiction but proceeds firmly towards a more factual storyline. The book casts a fascination in the mind of the reader that will be much appreciated.

4. Hitler: A Biography

Author: Ian Kershaw and Alan Robertson

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Pages: 1072

While there are many biographies on Hitler out there, this one by Ian Kershaw is hailed as the one most comprehensively written book so far. The author describes the darkness that surrounded Hitler and his actions in great detail. The biography spans the time of Hitler’s birth and his years, growing up to become a tale of contradiction and terror.

Hitler has often been touted as a demonic figure that plagued the 20th century with his utterly indescribable acts. This book examines the trail of deeds that lead to the formation of Hitler, as we know him.

The author taps several sources for his information in this book, which had not been heard of, before now. This certainly adds more than one surprising element in the book which keeps the reader hooked till the end. It might not be wrong to say that this book truly stands out among many other titles that have been created around Hitler.

Summary: The book emerges as a compelling read for many with many stark revelations. The reader will be able to appreciate the thousand plus pages of engaging text on Hitler in this book.

5. Hitler: A Study in Tyranny

Author: Alan Bullock

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Pages: 512

This biographical account of Hitler is focused on the period when he rose to power in Germany. The book explores the advent of Nazi power and the particular reasons why its people chose to elect the leaders of the party to power. From a different perspective, the book explores the other side of criticism that the Germans face for this act.

The author critically examines the personality of Hitler, which is supposedly the reason behind the people electing him as their leader. However, the book scraps the layers underneath this personality that harboured a will to power which was hidden from the German people. For a reader who holds little knowledge about Hitler and his acts as a dictator, this book serves as an eye – opener.

Even after 50 years of being written by the author, the book continues to remain one of the most classic biographical texts in Hitler. The author has also made an attempt to highlight several facts about the German people from that time and the events that led to the second world war.

Summary: The reader is bound to appreciate the flow of writing made by the author that captures the imagination with accurate facts and recollection of the events as they occurred for real.

In Conclusion

These are some of the classic textbooks on Hitler which have been penned till date. These books are perfect for scholarly reading as well as intellectual knowledge of the reader.

We hope that these books will fulfil your purpose to know more about Adolf Hitler and his life. If there is any other remarkable book on him that you have read, do share with us.

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