Best Books on Greek Mythology

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You will be bewildered to find an array of books on Greek mythology in the market. However, which books should you spend your money on? We have compiled a list of the best books on Greek mythology with the desire to help you make the right decision. 

Learning about Greek mythology can have a different purpose for everyone. Each book on this list has been selected after much consideration so that you can purchase the best one! We hope that you will find these books useful and interesting to read. So, let’s get started with our collection of books! 

7 Best Books on Greek Mythology & Reviews

1. Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes

Author: Edith Hamilton

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Pages: 512

This book is a timeless classic on Greek Mythology which has been churning the interest of readers ever since it found the space to launch. The author willfully takes this platform to recount various myths related to the Greeks. The book revolves around stories of gods and heroes while the author enthrals the reader with contemporary storytelling. These tales are inspiring and inform the reader about the gods who shaped Greek mythology. 

Additionally, the book also spans the entire drama of the Trojan times and Odysseus. Included in the book are stories of Jason and Golden Fleece, and that of King Midas. The author also speaks of the origins of the names of various constellations so the reader can truly expect a blast of information out of this book. 

The referential nature of the book does not quite take a stop over here. The author further navigates the literal and cultural angle of Greek mythology through this book so that he can further elaborate on the topic and draw the attention of the reader towards the countless works of art and inquiry. 

Thus, this book serves as an excellent piece of reference for scholars. At the same time, it is a good book on mythology, which is good to read by just about anyone for their reading interests.

Summary: The author sure has a taste to elucidate on the subject of mythology in pure zest. So the readers will enjoy reading this book which has been served with the best intellect of the author. 

2. The Complete World of Greek Mythology

Author: Richard Buxton

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Pages: 240

This book is an impeccable compilation on the topic of Greek Mythology. As an ardent reader, you may find the interest to flip through this book and discover what secrets it holds. Some of the notable features of this book are its plain style of writing and a greater emphasis on the geographical and historical context of events. True, the author does explore a wide array of myths in this book but the angle from which he views them is hugely different. 

This book offers the reader an opportunity to discover the engaging account of Greek mythology. The tales presented by the author are captivating and fascinating to the mind of the reader. Thus, there is no doubt as to why the reader might find himself hooked to the chapters of this book. 

Many know that Greek mythology is among the most complex of all and its stories are truly bewildering. Several authors have attempted to reinterpret and vary the versions of these stories throughout history. The effort has been an inexhaustible one but what we have learnt out of each one of them is the fact that these tales are no less than captivating to the mind and the imagination. Thus, an encounter with this book drives the reader on a path of exploration and learning, aided by the author’s words. 

There are many chapters in this book, each of them speaking of a different tale and context of Greek mythology. But what really catches the imagination of the reader is the bounty of illustrations, box features and classic drawings. 

Summary: This book will be highly appreciated by readers for its combination of plain text and illustrative graphics. So, this is among the top picks that they might want to make in this arena. 

3. D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths

Author: Ingri d’Aulaire and  Edgar Parin d’Aulaire

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Pages: 208

The pages of this book are decorated with the stories of heroes and legends and it is no less than a pleasure to get the chance to read about them. The text penned down by the authors is quite friendly and evokes imagery in the mind of the reader. The entire text is carefully placed around the book, segregated into different chapters and decorated with details, which ensures that the witty observations of the author do not go missing from the attention of the reader. 

The book also incorporates a host of drawings which are highly exciting for the reader to watch. So overall, the book is densely populated with resources that make the reader feel highly interested in the mythological aspect of the book. This book compiles a great deal of information about Greek heroes and gods, inscribed from the pen of the author in a highly realistic manner. 

With excellent drawings and a remarkable horde of witty observations, this book is a highly desirable pick for most readers. 

Summary: This book will be highly liked and admired by young readers who hold an adept interest in reading about mythological tales. Thus, it is highly recommended to students as well as scholars. 

4. The Iliad

Author: Homer 

Publisher: Penguin Classics

Pages: 704

This book is among the few highly rated options for readers who deal with a comparatively higher load of words. So, this book might not exactly be ideal for students. The narrative of the book runs in a feasible fashion, keeping the reader gripped with interest. 

To be able to experience the work of this author is a true blessing. So, the reader must pick up this book after some consideration. As a great poet of his time, the author is indeed quite popular and holds a stark reputation among his audience. Homer’s poetry offers the reader a chance to oversee the original work after translation.

Summary: This happens to be a really old book originally but even today, it can captivate any reader. It is commendable to watch the effort that has been put into translating it with such brilliance. 

5. The Library of Greek Mythology

Author: Apollodorus

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 336

This book might not be as voluminous as expected but it sure consists of a far and wide coverage of many aspects of Greek mythology.Interestingly, this book has been widely used by scholars to piece together an array of information on Greek mythology. Discussing matters from the origin of the universe to the incidence of the Trojan wars, this book has much to offer. From the time when this book found a pen and paper, until today, many people have used this book as a source of reference.

But what is most compelling about this book is the fact that it never fails to arouse the reader’s interest in the stories of the heroes and gods which are related to Greek Mythology. If the reader needs a guide into the methods of the Greeks, this book might be of some help. So basically, anyone with a deep rooted interest in classical mythology might find the use of this book in the long run. With the help of notes and instructions, the reader ought to have no trouble raiding this book.

Summary: This is a wide reaching book which serves as a prime source for different Hellenic myths. Thus, the readers will find this book exciting to read and discover what it has in store for them.

6. Greek Religion 

Author: Walter Burkert

Publisher: Harvard University Press

Pages: 512

This book has been penned by a prominent historian with an adept interest in Greek religion and mythology. This book was first published in 1977 but continues to be relevant even in the present day. Essentially, this book is a polytheistic account of the religious system which existed in the Greek culture. 

The author has drawn inspiration from a number of archaeological discoveries and inscriptions from the culture. Based on these, he seems to have reconstructed the perfect model of Greek mythology for the readers in this book. There are a lot of elements of this book which might leave the reader baffled and amazed. But it is surprising to find the conclusion made by the author regarding his attitude to religion. 

This book is thoroughly backed by evidence so in that capacity, it does not disappoint the reader. Interestingly, he also touches the topic of controversies revolving around Greek mythology, which are thrilling to read. 

Summary: The readers will be drawn to the detailed and structural matter of the book. So it is not going to be a surprise to see it go down very well with a large number of them. 

7. The Greek Myths: Complete Edition

Author: Robert Graves 

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pages: 784

This book is a comprehensive collection of every single myth on Greek culture that you will ever come across. Coming from a scholar, the accuracy and relevance of this book is hardly under question. So, this is actually a great book to read, if a reader is interested to understand the entire idea of Greek mythology in detail. 

Notably, this book includes a collection of recounting of various stories and tales, expressed in the words of the author. The author makes no superficial attempt to dress them with fantasy or imagination. But he does make a significant attempt to fill each of them with as much relevance as he can. The readers shall be fascinated to read all about Greek Gods and myths, which have been compiled with substantial accuracy in this book. 

So this book is meant to be a pathway to a mind awakening reality and the author invites the reader to be a part of this, through the medium of this book. Though, this book isn’t something that can be taken in one go. It will do good to the reader to grasp it slowly in small chunks. 

Summary: It is notable to find this book, filled with details and facts which is why any reader might like to laud the effort made by the author in this book. Last on the list but highly recommended!

In Conclusion

With this, we conclude our list of the best books on Greek mythology for readers. We hope that you may have found this list interesting. But most of all, we hope that you might have found a good book to read on the subject of Greek mythology. 

If you may have read another book on the topic, do share it with us below. 

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