Best Books on Fundamental Analysis

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Investors who wish to make informed investment decisions, often seek knowledge in the field of Fundamental analysis. There are ample writers who have contributed to this field by writing brilliant texts. Consequently, this can help investors in their quest to gain knowledge and information. Reading their books can help in gaining crucial education about the best investment practices.

To reduce the ordeal of sifting through thousands of them, we have compiled a list of the top books on fundamental analysis for you. We have made this careful selection so as to ensure that you get the best reading experience for your investment goals.

5 Best Books on Fundamental Analysis & Reviews

1. Security Analysis

Author: Benjamin Graham and David Dodd

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Pages: 700

This book came from the authors in 1934, soon after the stock market crash of 1920. The most intriguing feature of this book is that even after almost 80 years of being published, it remains current for investors. The authors have presented the contents of the book with an insightful approach. This makes it relevant even in the present day market scenario.

Any level of investors can take the benefit of this book since it is strongly influential. The book contains the teachings of Benjamin Graham, who is rightfully regarded as the father of investing. The book explains in depth how the teachings of the masters of investing remain valid even in the current volatile market scenario.

Users stand to gain immense knowledge from this edition of the book. Importantly, it provides value added content for learning and understanding of the reader. This is a timeless classic title since it continues to thrill the investing aspirations of readers till today.

Summary: Readers will be able to appreciate the intrinsic value of the content in this book. The addition made by several managers of the wall street is a bonus for the reader.

2. The Intelligent Investor

Author: Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig

Publisher: Harper Business

Pages: 640

The Intelligent Investor remains the most useful book on fundamental analysis to date. Written by renowned authors, the book offers useful insights into the world of value investing. Many have gone on to call it the bible of investing.  this is mainly because it proves to be useful for every type of investor.

The value proposition of the book comes from the fact that it talks about analyzing a company’s performance in the future. It also helps the reader in understanding and learning the skills of reading present financial statements of a company.

By penning down these useful facts and knowledge in this book, the authors have inspired many generations of investors. This book proves to be a handy guide that shields the investor from making costly mistakes. By following the strategies enlisted in this book, a reader can learn how to develop long term investment strategies for his portfolio.

Summary: This book will be highly appreciated by readers who seek to build a strong hand in the world of investing and managing their funds. The proactive style of writing is sure to please the readers.

3. Learn to Earn

Author: Peter Lynch and John Rothchild

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 272

The author adopts a very interesting approach to help readers start on the road to earning with promising investments. This short and crisp book on fundamental analysis guides the reader to make the right start with their funds.

The author clears a stock pile of information on fundamental analysis and presents it in layers of meaningful concepts. To do this, he explores the various investment vehicles and investment options available to investors. The author also teaches the reader how they can evaluate the pros and cons of different investment options.

This book is really helpful for readers who want to reach various financial milestones by making smart decisions. It is a very practical and handy guide to analyzing various fundamental financial proposals and choosing the most promising one out of them. The book remains useful for students as well as professionals who are starting their journey in the field of finances. In doing so, the author taps the learning potential of the reader with simple tools and effective strategies.

Summary: The author takes a more local approach to clarify the subject of fundamental analysis. The book will be appreciated by readers who want a quick pace study matter on the subject.

4. Fundamental Analysis For Dummies

Author: Matthew Krantz

Publisher: For Dummies

Pages: 373

Quite opposite to what its name suggests, this book is meant for investors with some prior knowledge of investing and fundamental analysis. In a bid to assist such readers in improving their knowledge further, the author talks about researching more about stocks.

Presented in a simplified manner, the facts in this book keep the reader engaged and interested with every turn of the page. Readers who seek to build a strong base in the field of fundamental analysis will certainly find this book useful for themselves.

The author uses various tools and concepts to help the reader grasp the importance and value of investing with the oversight of financial goals. The author implements the idea of gauging the performance of stocks and companies to gain momentum in returns from investments.

The value learning offered by the author in this book is sure to assist readers in making informed investment decisions for long term prosperity.

Summary: The readers will appreciate the crisp structure of information laid out in the book. Though the author does no go in depth with financial tools, readers will find ample motivation to get started with its help.

5. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits 

Author: Philip A. Fisher

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 300

In print even sixty plus years after it was first published, this book is a useful resource for many inspired investors. It comes from an author who is a pioneer in the field of financial analysis. The author inspires investors to make informed investment decisions by examining the past performance of a stock.

A closer look at the matter of the book will help the reader to understand the domain of fundamental analysis with clarity. The philosophies explained by the author in this book help the reader gain confidence in his investment decisions.

The book finds a popular spot among professionals in this field who have been following behind these footsteps to make the most. For a reader who is already versed with the elements of investing and decision making, this book will serve as a valuable addition to his spectrum of knowledge. Moreover, the clear, concise and precise knowledge shared by the author is presented structurally, making it easier for the reader to grasp the information and make sense of it.

Summary: The text of the book will be highly appreciated by readers who are looking for substantial information on investing and fundamental analysis. The book is complete in the presentation of concepts.

In Conclusion

The knowledge and understanding of the visionaries in the field of investing can be of great value to those who want to build a strong position in this field. We have compiled some of the best books in the field of fundamental analysis for your learning and we hope that you will find them of value for your knowledge goals. Let us know if you find them useful.

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