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Best Books on Digital Marketing

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The emerging field of digital marketing has spread its impact all over the marketing domain at present. As a result, many learners and students find themselves eager to learn more about the field and develop their skills to undertake the same as a profession. 

The underlying concepts of digital marketing can be understood very well with the assistance of a book. Mentioned below, we have compiled a list of some of the best books in digital marketing for your consideration. 

These books might help you cover the different aspects of digital marketing and develop a strong hold over its concepts. 

7 Best Books on Digital Marketing & Reviews

1. Digital Marketing For Dummies 

Author: Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry 

Publisher: For Dummies

Pages: 368

As the name might have already suggested, the book is a friendly pick for beginners in digital marketing. This series by the publisher is explicitly directed towards readers who are beginning their journey in a particular subject and this book is certainly no exception to that. Thus, what you will find in this book is wide coverage of topics which deem to talk about every aspect of digital marketing. The result is a comprehensive collection of text on the topic which elaborates the marketing concepts and allows the reader to learn multiple topics from the book. 

Starting with the fundamentals of the concept, the author moves on to explain the stages of a customer’s journey and how a particular campaign is expected to alter the way they perceive a product or a brand. Further, the book elaborates on the concept of content marketing and blogging in the light of digital marketing. Thus, it might be right to say that the author builds the right foundation for a reader to explore the digital marketing domain. A complete section of the book is also dedicated to drawing increased audience and traffic to a website through different tools. 

Summary: The readers will find this book exclusively useful if they need to revise their skills and brush up their marketing concepts. Naturally, the book is very user friendly and immensely interesting to read. 

2. Google AdWords for Beginners: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to PPC Advertising

Author: Corey Rabazinski 

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 63

You have probably heard all about Google AdWords but with the slightest clue about what it really is. True, it can be a mystery to navigate at times, especially if you are completely new to it. So in this book, the author makes an attempt to familiarize the reader with the whole concept behind Google AdWords and how it operates. Building the reader’s knowledge one block at a time, the author begins with the fundamentals. It is only after having built a sufficient foundation that the author proceeds with the explanation part. In doing this, he shares the entire blueprint of the tool and makes an attempt to convey its significance to the reader. 

In this book, the reader will come across an eight step blueprint which the author uses to devise the concept of Google AdWords. This includes geography and location, research and campaign testing and optimization. But ater the reader has completed this book, they can easily supplement their knowledge with other books and courses in this field. As described in the book, there are five main areas which a reader must uncover if he wishes to gain mastery over this subject. This includes Google Ads, Display Ads, measurement procedures, shopping related ads and video ads. 

Summary: This book is a friendly introduction to the field of Google AdWords. The readers will find it highly useful to meet their learning requirements and instincts in this field. 

3. Effortless Experience Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty

Author: Nicholas Toman and Matthew Dixon

Publisher: Portfolio

Pages: 256

In this book, the author makes several bold and compelling stances to challenge the ordinary notion. He delivers an excellent result in the form of this book which garners the interest of a wide array of readers. Hence, what you will find in this book is a steep introduction to the concept of customer loyalty and satisfaction. The author takes the liberty to express his opinions on the topic through focused words in this book. 

The author meticulously describes the driving factor behind customer loyalty. And in highlighting this, he clearly elaborates on the essence of seamless business operations to gain the desired standard of customer loyalty. Explained in the book are vital steps to enhance customer loyalty and a complete introduction on how it emerges. 

It is the author’s belief that undertaking these measures can virtually assist a digital marketer. Thus, they might be able to design more comprehensive marketing strategies for the benefit of the business. 

Summary: This book completely stands out from anything that you may have read before now. Hence, it makes sense to give it a read and reap its benefit to understand the underlying concept of customer loyalty. 

4. The Big Data-Driven Business: How to Use Big Data to Win Customers, Beat Competitors, and Boost Profits 

Author: Russell Glass and Sean Callahan

Publisher: Wiley 

Pages: 224

Coming from two prominent title holders at LinkedIn, this book does hold some merit to itself. In this book, the authors have made a point by bringing the impact of data in business under the limelight. But to achieve this, they begin the book with an introduction to the benefits of big data. And later, they move on to the evolution and making of customer focused data and how it drives business. 

The authors have shared a bounty of their personal experiences and opinions in this book. As a result, the book shall appear as an insightful resource to the average reader and help them understand the role of technology in enhancing sales and marketing tactics of business. 

Apart from these topics, the authors also talk about digital advertising and social media ads via this book. Later in the book, they also discuss the topic of implementing data plans and using data in an ethical manner. The intense use of real life examples in the book is a major point of attraction for the reader. 

Summary: The reader shall be thrilled to find this book full with plenty of resources and value additions which can be used to their skills in the field of digital marketing. 

5. Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing: Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Operations

Author: Ilya Katsov

Publisher: Ilia Katcov

Pages: 508

The author shares her experience and knowledge on the subject of digital marketing through this book but intrinsically focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of marketing. She goes on to mention the various techniques which are employed by some of the top corporations in the world today. So, she discusses the role of ads, eCommerce pricing strategies and promotions to make her point. 

The book revolves around explanatory text, supported with ample examples and data. Hence, each chapter is neatly divided into specific topics and targets a unique set of concepts. 

Summary: This book might prove to be slightly technical for a beginner because it contains information which is aimed for understanding among data scientists and product managers. 

6. Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Author: Brian Clifton

Publisher: Sybex

Pages: 619

If you are looking for a more advanced book on digital marketing, this one is a good pick for you. This book is encased within a definitive array of data and concepts which might prove to be beneficial to the reader with a thirst for knowledge in the subject. So, it is useful for someone who seeks to gain proficiency in the field of digital marketing. 

The author has collected a lot of information from a number of sources to ensure that the book is replete with information and does not lack the necessary context. The inclusion of complex topics and concepts has widened the scope of the book to a large extent. 

It is incredible to see how the book has been logically divided into several parts and the topics are clearly depicted in each one of them. Plus, the use of user friendly language will prove to be of immense help to the reader in a bid to ace these topics. Speaking in a broader sense, this book has much to offer to its readers than mere information. 

Summary: The readers will appreciate the inclusion of valid information in this book. The accuracy and on point delivery of information is another prominent feature that draws the user’s attention. 

7. The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

Author: Carlos Gil

Publisher: Kogan Page

Pages: 240

The focus of this book revolves around the idea of digital marketing and how it has overthrown the channels of traditional marketing in the present day. To do so, the author discusses the variety of marketing platforms which exist today and the role of each of them in promoting brands and products in the present day. Hence, the author has the readership hooked on to his revolutionary ideas in this book, engaging them with the use of relevant examples and facts. 

The author proceeds to discuss a few matters of prominence in this book which are otherwise quite overlooked. He does this with the help of apt examples so that his ideas are well supported and easy to follow up for the reader. At the same time, the author also speaks about progressing at a platform with the help of user engagement and thought to provoke leadership. So overall, this book is something that can be used by an advanced grade digital marketer. 

Summary: There are many aspects of the book which might attract the reader. This includes the use of examples and case studies to elucidate several facts. But it may prove to be slightly challenging for a beginner. 

In Conclusion 

With this, we complete our list of the best books on digital marketing. We hope that you might have enjoyed going through this list and may have also spotted a book that you may want to read next. 

We have compiled this list after extensive research in this field and urge you to share any other book which you may have come across in the same domain. 

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