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Best Books on Body Language

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Each day, society becomes more prosperous and richer. We are moving towards an urban culture and it is no surprise to find oneself surrounded by a plethora of people. At this stage, one cannot control their subconscious mind from reading other’s body language. 

We cannot always know everyone around us. So, it makes sense why we should understand their body language to get some idea about them. This could open up your mind and save you from falling into a trap, laid down by others. The best way to create this habit is to read a book about body language. You will find some of our top recommendations below! 

7 Best Books on Body Language & Reviews

1. Body Language

Author: Allan Pease

Publisher: Manjul Publishing House Pvt Ltd

Pages: 237

In a few short pages, this book expresses a world of learnings for the reader. Expressed in a very relaxing tone, this book will pry your attention to become your best friend. We have included this book at the very top spot because of its comprehensive coverage on the topic of body language. 

Among the prominent topics discussed in the book are differences in body languages that arise due to the culture and location of a person. The author has included several graphics and illustrations in the book to depict universal signs of body language. So, along with the examples stated in the book, these will help you absorb the knowledge to understand different body languages. This knowledge is thorough and immersive enough so that you will easily be able to apply it in your daily routine. 

The author has an expanded view of the topics he has covered in this book. He allows his readers to understand the science of understanding one’s body language and examine if they are lying at a given time. Thus, this book manages to be entertaining and informative for the reader at the same time. 

Summary: This book quite literally betrays all about body language. So, the readers can expect an overflow of examples, illustrations and incidents to substantiate the whole text, which is surprisingly interesting to read about. 

2. The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness 

Author: Inna Segal

Publisher: Beyond Words

Pages: 288

The focus of this book shifts from others to your body language. So, in a way, this book is about realizing what your inner self might be willing to say to you. The author claims that the current pace of digital life and competition has put most of us behind at understanding our body language. So, it is easy to miss signs of health, happiness and well being from our body. According to the author, it is not fair to miss out on these messages from our self. 

Hence, the author offers a unique and structured program to the reader, replete with exercises and her knowledge, which she believes to be helpful in connecting back with the roots of one’s body. 

So a word of caution here. If you are someone who wants to read something with another purpose, this book is not suitable for you. However, it is definitely an exciting venture for someone who wants to traverse their body language and learn to connect with their inner self again. 

The author also dives down to the core of one’s health problems and visualizes them in the context of your self. After reading this book, the reader might be able to attune themselves on a path to mental and emotional healing and undertake an easy exercise to combat the root cause of issues. 

Summary: This book is helpful for a wide array of readers who can discover what might be limiting their thoughts and emotions. This is an ecstatic road to healing and understanding what your body wants from you.

3. You Say More Than You Think

Author: Janine Driver and Mariska Van Aalst

Publisher: Harmony

Pages: 240

Did you realize that each time you meet someone; your unconscious mind collects an array of thoughts about them? Based on this data, you are likely to behave a certain way with that person. But the whole process is completely out of your hand! What if you could do something to control it after all?

With the help of this book, the author can help you read others in a better way so that you do not end up making an incorrect conclusion about them. You will be able to come out with greater confidence in your words and actions through this approach. The findings made by the author can help you understand when someone is likely to deceive you and make you a weapon of their deception. 

The author has supported the findings with the help of examples so that the reader can make sense of the idea. The book is researched with in depth examination of thoughts and ideas. Hence, the readers stand to gain a vast expanse of knowledge out of this book. 

Summary: If the reader finds himself in a tough spot with other people and wishes to improve their body language, this book is a good place to start. 

4. Body Language: Discover and Understand the Psychological Secrets Behind Reading and Benefitting From Body Language

Author: Harvey Segler 

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 110

This is one of those few books which work in all areas of your life. The ideas shared in this book can be used and applied in almost every situation in your life. Known as a form of non verbal communication, the author explains how the reader can achieve more in their life with the help of this book. 

So, the reader will find this book divided into eight unique chapters, with each of them packed with exciting and useful material for the reader. And the author has also substantiated the text with the help of different examples to help the reader. In this book, the reader can discover some very basic things such as the posture and gestures which influence how people make conclusions about them. 

So if you are looking for something that helps you understand yourself in a greater capacity, then this book is for you. 

Summary: The reader stands to benefit with the use of this book because it teaches them how they can polish themselves and present their personality with confidence. 

5. What Every Body Is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People

Author: Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Pages: 250

Packed in this book is a huge mound of inspiration and guidance on the subject of body language. Reading this book can tell the reader what other people can make out about them, through the innumerable non verbal actions that we make around them. So, there is a clear indication of positive and negative traits in this book. 

Given the comprehensive coverage of the book, there is pretty much a lot to learn out of this book. So, it is really useful for people in all walks of their life. Some of the few things that you can learn out of this book are to present yourself in a better way, protect yourself from the deceptive thoughts of others and catch when someone is lying to you. 

This book has the power to change how you view people around you. So be prepared to tread down a life changing journey when you start reading this book. 

Summary: The reader will be able to know people in a better and alternate light, once they complete reading this book. It is rewarding to read about body language in this book.

6. The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help–or Hurt–How You Lead

Author: Carol Kinsey Goman 

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Pages: 288

This book is really useful for you if you wish to learn how body language can alter your life. The author claims that your body language speaks a lot about you and your mindset. So, stress is laid to the fact that one must watch their body language under all circumstances, especially when you are around someone. This book teaches you what you could be telling others about yourself, through your body language. 

Some of the elements highlighted in this book on the matter are time, career, confidence, business, and more. Thus, dealing with people around different spheres of your life can get a whole lot simpler for you. The author has filled the book with enough factors to make it enjoyable and enlightening for the reader. There are enough insights in the book to keep the reader hooked to the book. 

Summary: This book is just as entertaining and educating as it is insightful and useful. Thus, the reader will enjoy reading this book and learning a thing or two out of it. 

7. Spy The Lie

Author: Philip Houston and Michael Floyd

Publisher: Griffin

Pages: 272

Coming from two very experienced authors, this book is deeply insightful on the matter of body language. To give some credit to their line of work, the reader should know that they have experience in interviewing CIA assets and CIA employees. 

So, what one must expect in this book are the telltale signs that signal when a deception is coming your way. The reader can expect a detailed guide on how to read the body language of others. It is obvious to understand the information listed in the book, given its lucid form. It might not be wrong to say that the author’s description of body language might help you apply the information in the real world as well. 

Summary: The readers will thoroughly enjoy reading the book and find some interesting elements of knowledge in these pages. It is highly recommended for anyone starting on the concept of body language. 

In Conclusion

With this, we complete our list of the best books on body language. We hope that you might have spotted a book which can be read by you to understand the idea of body language in depth. 

We have compiled this list after analyzing a host of books meant for this purpose. But if you happen to have read something else on the topic and would like to share it with us, please do so below. 

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