Best Book Series of All Time

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Everyone loves to follow an interesting series and it takes no time to turn into their favorite one. Whether we fall in love with the characters or the storyline, the fact remains that there are some book series which are hard to put down. The good thing about a book series is that once you put down one of them, there’s always something to look forward to after that. 

Presented below are some of the best book series of all times for your consideration. So, you will be able to decide what to pick up next easily. 

7 Best Book Series of All Time & Reviews

1. Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

Author: J.K. Rowling

Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books

Pages: 4167

We believe that Harry Potter is a series which will continue to thrill generations to come even after years of it being released by the author. The series has an exponential amount of magic in it, quite literally. So the readers are basically gripped by the thrilling world of the characters in this series. Woven with precision and perfection, the author ensures that the name of the series itself invokes a gripping amusement. 

From a school to magical creatures and actual spells, this series has all the elements which make it appear real. To many, this series might even appear to be the perfect escape from a mundane world to a magical land! The success of the book goes to the author who leaves next to no empty plots but allows the reader to gaze into a world full of mystical moments.

The titles of each book are just as fascinating as the plot included in them. This is because they draw relevance from the events of the story, which in itself is quite reflective of the interesting turn of events in the book. In a span of seven books, the author reveals the story of a boy and how he discovers his identity. It is compelling to read the story which follows.

Summary: An ardent reader is bound to find himself gripped under the spell of the books. The author has indeed woven a world where anyone might want to travel to and discover an alternate world.

2. The Hunger Games Trilogy

Author: Suzzane Collins

Publisher: Scholastic Press


The worldwide bestseller book series is among the highest-rated and favored one of all times. The trilogy features an interesting plot that seems to grip the imagination of the reader with its thrilling storyline. Featuring an extensive artwork, this series is among the top options to choose if you are looking forward to starting a new series. 

The author has made the perfect direction in this book and has plotted the storyline against the backdrop of the countryside and a scheme of games. So, the raw power of the book is enough to charge the reader and contribute to their raised interest. The book series has bagged many awards so it is clear why it is so popular among the masses. 

The author has developed a commendable and suspenseful plotline that keeps the reader hooked to it. At its best, the books run at a pacifying pace and build a captivating story in the mind of the reader. Hence, the series is bound to go down well and find a readership among children and adults alike.

It is delightful to read this book amid a fantastic landscape because the author has made this story a flowering plot. But it is thrilling to see how the author has built this story from a scratch and progressed along with it with such beauty.

Summary: The characters in this book are portrayed with excellence and it is thrilling to see how the author has built them detail by detail. So, this is definitely something that readers can opt for! 

3. A Song of Ice and Fire

Author: George R. R. Martin

Publisher: Bantam

Pages: 5216

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This series is an immersive plot of characters and stories which revolve around a fantasy world. Of kings and rulers, this book series is something that will transport you to an altogether different world. This series is a package of entertainment for the reader, having earned international acclaim! 

The plot revolves around several houses, each with a catchy title and fame. The race is one and that is to become the ruler of the seven kingdoms. The author has spun a wild plot that takes the reader along with mind-numbing scenes and introduces a host of characters. From the Starks of Winterfell to the Lannister’s seated in King’s Landing, this book series offers a surprising number of shockers to the reader at every turn of the page. 

Hence, this book series might prove to the reader what a tale of thrilling action should be about. So, readers must expect endless surprises and captivating events against the backdrop of bloodshed and conniving tragedies. Spelt out in 7 books so far, the series is still due to receive a conclusion but so far it runs so well that you may find it hard to put down. 

Summary: the readers will be left in anticipation of the events that the book is likely to unfold for them. Thus, this series is highly recommended for the ardent reader and book lover. 

4. J.R.R. Tolkien 4-Book Boxed Set

Author: J.R.R. Tolkein

Publisher: Del Rey

Pages: 1728

This is the book series which has also inspired a huge motion picture, which has also turned out to be a huge success. Included in this box set are four books, titled, The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two towers, and The return of the king. This is yet another fantastic tale of fantasy and is bound to captivate the reader with its unusual plot. The author has carefully developed the entire plot, right from each character to the names of places. 

As a result, the reader is left spellbound with the progress of the plot. The mystical element of the story and the sheer brilliance of the characters compels the reader to stay connected to the plot. This is among the few series which have found the ink till date, which finds a grip over children as well as adults with its exquisite flow. The author has surely created a perfection out of fiction here. 

Summary: The readers might want to pick up this series for the same reason as the other series listed above. Each page promises to arouse a spark of imagination in the mind! 

5. The Twilight Saga Complete Collection

Author: Stephenie Meyer 

Publisher: Atom

Pages: 1903

Perhaps something to lure the female readership in a greater capacity than their counterparts, this series is a fantasy tale of a vampire romance. Included in the series are four titles, namely Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. So, there’s a vampire, a werewolf and a human involved and it almost ends up in a major love triangle. 

The element of action is also present but in a rather soft tone. There’s a huge struggle involved too and some major suspenseful moments. Overall, the whole plot is rather captivating and enthralling but there’s definitely a certain section of the audience which believes that it could have been better. Nevertheless, this series is still meant to please the reading instincts of a wide readership. After all, it is replete with desires, romance and a playful plot, which is not very hard to keep up with. 

Summary: Vampire fan or not, the reader might like this series for its close up accounts and transformational journey! But again, this series is bound to have greater affluence for female readers. 

6. The Chronicles of Narnia

Author: C.S. Lewis 

Publisher: HarperCollins Narnia


A complete set of seven books, this series offers to fuel the fantasy world of the reader. Included in the series are The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy, The Magician’s Nephew and The Last Battle.

Written more than 60 years ago, this series has never lost its charm and appeal. The magical realm created by the author engrosses the reader on a journey which spans the length of these books. There are enough battles and each one of them concludes with viable learning for the reader.

The unforgettable creatures of Narnia are an image of brilliance, never failing to arouse the interest of the reader. The top-notch plot and the ecstatic imagery is another vivid point of attraction for the reader that might not allow them to rest before the series has been completed by them.

Summary: The thrill of reading a magical series can be realized by the reader in this one. Filled with ample plot scenes and exciting characters, this series is definitely meant for adults as well as children. 

7. The Inheritance Cycle Series 4 Book Set Collection

Author: Christopher Paolini

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Pages: 880

This series is a young adult and high fantasy series which has been set by the author in a fictional world. The series spells the adventures of a teenager, in pursuit of overthrowing an evil. The series has been on the receiving end of much praise and flak but has never failed to gain popularity among the masses. Included in the series are the titles, Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance. 

There’s a vast plot involved in the book, with a compelling storyline and epic characters, which are the stronghold of this series. Naturally, there is some degree of magical element involved as well. So, the series is bound to go down well with a young readership.

Summary: With a backdrop of highly magical elements and creatures, this series is definitely a compelling reading option. But the reader must do so with the expectation that they might not find it too thrilling. 

In Conclusion 

With this, we complete our list of the best books series of all times. The inclusions on this list have been made after dire analysis and research and we hope that you will find this collection interesting to suit your reading instincts. 

If you have read another book series, which you might want to share with us, please do so below. 

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