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Best Book On Quantum Computing

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The field of quantum computing sounds quite complicated to many students and learners. Though, if the experts in the field are to be believed, quantum computing is a field which is here to stay. Given the novel nature of the field though, there are a limited number of texts on it.

To simplify things for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best books on Quantum computing since many students take up courses in this field. It is worth learning about the concepts of quantum computing from with the help of these textbooks.

5 Best Book On Quantum Computing & Reviews

1. Computing with Quantum Cats: From Colossus to Qubits

Author: John Gribbin

Publisher: Prometheus 

Pages: 295

This book is touted to be written by a master of popular writing in science. The author revels in a tale of scientific studies and discoveries in the field of quantum computing. The author uses a futuristic approach to introduce the subject of quantum computing to the reader, which is supposed to have a transformational impact on the world in the years to come.

With this book, the author taps many myths that surround the world of quantum computing. He then delves deeper into the subject of quantum computing and describes how these new age computers are meant to be built. The author believes that the birth of such computers shall alter the pace of the computing world. This might put us ahead in the journey that shall help us explore the realms of technology as we know it today.

He presents very real and optimistic ideas on using quantum theory to develop quantum computers. The author does a compelling job to take his readers beyond the rules of theoretical physics and explore its practical applications in this field. This book is an unending text of immersive study which is why it manages to gain a wide readership from interested followers.

Summary: The book will be widely appreciated by readers who want to read about quantum computing. This is because of the precise presentation of facts which is bound to churn the interest of the reader in favor of the book.

2. Quantum Computing for Everyone

Author: Chris Bernhardt

Publisher: The MIT Press

Pages: 216

The author uses a simple and layman’s approach to make the subject of quantum computing accessible to the reader. He explains many crucial topics on quantum computing with the help of a detailed understanding of different concepts. The book is a celebration of numerous ideas about the subject which the author views as a revolution.

For anyone who can tackle basic high school mathematics, this book is a beautiful introduction in the field of quantum computing, using topics like entanglement and quantum teleportation and more. As a mathematician himself, the author makes a delicate attempt to simplify the topic for the reader to a great extent.

The context of the book is systematic and divided with precise classification. As a result, the reader stands to gain a wide array of knowledge by consuming the information enlisted in this book.

Summary: The author makes a compelling case about the latest discoveries in this field. The accuracy with which information has been presented for easy understanding will appeal the readers. 

3. Dancing with Qubits

Author: Robert S. Sutor

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Pages: 516

Power packed with information and concepts on Quantum computing, this book is a handy guide and reference for readers who are preparing for academic performance in the subject. The author makes a brief introduction to the new age computing technology and drives the reader with information in a structured manner, taking him to learn about the recent discoveries and developments in this field.

At the same time, the book opens a vision for the reader because the author forecasts the future of quantum computing technology. With the help of this book, a reader can gain in depth knowledge in this field since he is rendered a master in this subject.

For a reader who has an inquisitive mind, there is much to discover and learn with the help of this book. The author taps a practical approach to making these concepts clearer to the readers. Furthermore, the use of graphics and illustrations also grabs the interest of the readers.

Summary: Readers who want to go deep down to the basics of quantum computing will greatly appreciate the book.  Although it uses various mathematical expositions which might be difficult for a layman to read.

4. Quantum Computing since Democritus

Author: Scott Aaronson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Pages: 404

It may be a valid argument for some readers to state that the book starts with some basic questions about information and knowledge about science. It is only when the reader progresses in the book that he realizes what a masterpiece has been created by the author.

For once, here is a book which challenges your existing knowledge and foundation about an intellectual understanding of computers. Blasting with facts and theorems at every page, this book is something that you will find very hard to put down.

The author does not merely pose questions for the readers but also adaptively answers them. This enhances the scope and panache of this book, making it a brilliant reading experience for the readers.

The book is self sufficient in covering a vast array of topics, making it useful for students and learners. This is one of those few books on quantum computing, which stimulate the reader to explore the vast horizon of the world of computing and science.

Summary: The readers will not exactly find this book to be a light read. With sufficient background though, the reader will be able to appreciate the context of the book.

5. Programming Quantum Computers

Author: Eric R. Johnston and Nic Harrigan

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Pages: 336

The author praises the field of quantum computing in this book, which welcomes its readers to join the informational journey even with their basic knowledge in the field of computing. This book is a guide that helps a reader get a grasp over the essence of the field of computing. The reader can relate it with the unique technology solutions which we have available with us today.

To give the concepts a clearer perspective, the author makes use of examples and illustrations to demonstrate the entire topic. The book is conveniently divided into different sections which explore the different areas of quantum computing, giving the reader a meaningful perspective of the topic. Most importantly, the author does an excellent job to simplify the text for the reader. Consequently, it makes sense even to someone with basic knowledge.

Summary: The book appeals the most to readers with informational instincts about quantum computing. The book is explained in simple and easy to understand language. As a result, it is useful for beginners as well as for advanced learners.

In Conclusion

The study of quantum computing is an interesting one since it has a novel nature. Finding the best text on this subject can be quite tricky. This is why we have compiled this list of the best books on quantum computing which will prove to be highly useful for your academic and learning purposes. Do let us know if you have come across another good book on the subject.

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