EPICon is coming! After a year hiatus, EPICon is back.

Where: San Antonio, Texas

When: June 16-17, 2017

What: Workshops covering promotion, self-publishing, and advanced writing techniques and plenty of time to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.

The beautiful Menger Hotel is our host again this year. Near world-famous sites such as the Alamo and San Antonio's Riverwalk, The Menger is in the center of the action. The Menger has recently completed a renovation and is more spectacular than ever. Click here to make a reservation.

Make your plans now! And check back here often as we add more information.


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EPICon is traditionally one of the most affordable professional conferences. This year, we continue to bring our attendees exciting and informative workshops and presentations on the wild world of ePublishing.

EPIC member $200
Non-member $250


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Publishing pros have a lot of challenges in this brave new world. How do you navigate the fast changing landscape and create a successful career? Let us share some information that might make it easier for you.

When Publishers Crash and Burn sm
All Romance Ebooks is just the latest in a long line of publishers, distributors, and publishing services that have gone out of business. Having a publisher suddenly close shop can leave you feeling like you’re standing at Ground Zero. Learn what to do to protect yourself and minimize the damage to your bottom line. We'll share publishing war stories, discuss what we could (or could not) have been done differently, and the warning signs to watch for. Bring your laptop or tablet and get ready for a hands-on, step-by-step training as Zena Wynn walks you through the process she uses to self-publish her books. We'll cover formatting for ebook and print, and uploading to distributors such as Amazon, CreateSpace, and Smashwords. Software requirements: Microsoft Word, Calibre
Editing workshop sm Taria SM
Of all the mistakes that can cause a book not to succeed, editing is the most visible to the buyer and reader. First-time authors, indie-published authors, and even multi-published authors miss some essential steps of editing. Susan K. Stewart, a professional editor with more than fifteen years experience, will take you from self-editing to the final proofreading, and how to find an editor who is perfect for you and your project. The cover is the first opportunity a writer has to tell the reader what the story is about. A bad cover will turn readers away before they get to the blurb. It's easy to tell a bad cover from a good one, but negotiating the way to that perfect cover can be tricky. You want your book to be remembered for its wonderful story and amazing characters, not a bad cover. Learn what it takes to get that perfect cover. This workshop will cover everything from working with cover artists to DIY don'ts. Learn what sells your book and what gets bypassed by readers.

Success with Audiobooks:

What Ya Need to Know to Get into Audio

Preparing for Effective Promotion
Many readers like the flexibility of audio books. Tap into this market by creating your own. Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices shows you what your need to know to narrate your own audiobooks. Effective promotion is more than throwing out tweets or hawking your book on Facebook. You need a plan to succeed and follow through. Kayelle Allen shares her experience and gives you a roadmap to promote effectively.
Spice Up Your Writing
What's that certain something that makes a book memorable? What makes a book a keeper rather than only a nice read? It's theme! What's that? Join Anne Manning to explore theme and how to wield it as an important ingredient in your writing.  

Travel Questions

By air:

Fly into San Antonio International Airport.

GO Airport Shuttle leaves every 15-30 minutes from outside the baggage claim area. These shuttles make several hotel drop offs. Cost is $20.25 one way or $36.70 for the round trip. Taxis charge $25 to $30 flat rate for one to three people.

By car:

The Menger Hotel has very good directions and an easy way to get specific directions from anywhere. Click here.

Parking at the Menger is $20.00 per day. There are numerous lots in the vicinity which range from $6 to $20 per day. For information on parking options in San Antonio, click here.

By train:

The Amtrak station is less than 10 minutes from the hotel. Taxi service is abundant and Uber is also available in San Antonio.


EPICon-2017 brings us back to the beautiful, historic, and haunted Menger Hotel.

Click on the picture to view the hotel's webpage.

To make your hotel reservation:

Use the Group code 0617EPIC

Call the Menger reservation desk at 800-345-9285. Don't forget to give them the group code.

Or book online.

Click here.

Click on Promo/Corporate Code at the top of the page.

Click on Group Code in the pop-up window.

Enter the Group Code. Click Update.

Proceed with your reservation.

View the video to see more about the Menger.

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