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What an awesome EPICon!

I am glad to be home, but still miss seeing those old, and new, friends on a daily basis.  So much nicer when you can put faces to names.

The Conference Chair, Cassiel Knight, was a gracious hostess and went above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome in her hometown. The workshops were informative and learning new facts about our industry is always a treat. What a phenomenal group of professionals!

New news from the competitions and New Voices Young Writers:

I have acquired a few more minions (bwahaha). Lorna and Larry Collins will be moderating our New Voices Young Writers forum, guiding young authors and sharing their vast knowledge and expertise.  Yay!

We have two new members (more minions - Yay!) helping with our website.  Another YAY!  This will make website updates SO much easier and quicker, having knowledgeable bodies steering the boat.

We are currently working on the EPIC's eBook and Ariana competitions, so be sure to check those updates frequently!  Get your ducks in a row.  Competitions open in a little over two months.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  There will be more information posted here, and on the website, as the details are hammered out.  I am excited.  Aren't you?

We made a radical change for the New Voices Young Writers competition.  It will open for entries November 1, closing December 20, 2013 (ages 11 through 18).  That schedule will make our judges happier. :D  Though, if we grow much more with the entries, I may need to buy more wine...LOL

Anyway, this is just a short note from your Competitions Chair.  Better get back to work before our WebDoms crack the whip.

Debi Sullivan, EPIC's Competition Chair
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