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Copyright and IP: What You Can Do

Washington Post: Post Tech – Facebook, Google join to fight Internet piracy legislation


Copyright Alliance:

The legislation does not alter the current notice and takedown system legitimate websites are already accustomed to at all. Rather, it puts in place a separate system to give rightsholders and law enforcement the ability to enforce intellectual property rights against overseas rogue websites “dedicated to theft of U.S. property, ” where the bulk of the real problem lies in today’s age of online piracy. The bill ensures that third parties are not overly burdened to comply with an order by stipulating that the party is not required to take action beyond what istechnically feasible and reasonable. An Internet service provider is never required to modify its network or facilities to comply with a court order.

Great Work:

Terry Hart at Copyhype – SOPA: New remedies for existing liability

What You Can Do:

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