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I am the female version of a boy scout with very sharp teeth: passionately loyal, zipped-lips trustworthy, logically helpful, never-met-an-enemy friendly, hereditarily courteous, logically kind, rarely obedient, usually cheerful, constantly thrifty, eternally brave, and moodily reverent (or amusingly irreverent…depends on the mood and circumstance). I try to follow through with a good "deed" a day and attempt to be prepared (often with a humorous lack of success). I am knowledgeable of the person I currently am, but constantly seek knowledge and wisdom from those around me. For there is always room for improvement...

It's that time of year again!

A simple reminder to those who may have forgotten that EPIC's eBook and Ariana competitions opened June 1: http://www.epicorg.com/competitions.html Please don't wait...
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