How do I rename my entry file?

You could find a kid to help you. But, if you can't locate a crumb cruncher, here's how you do it.

First, make sure the file is in jpeg or jpg format. If it is not, that is if the file doesn't have a .jpg or .jpeg at the end, you will have to convert it to that format.

Now that you have a jpg file, open it. Select "save as." A dialog box opens with a suggested filename. Your operating system won't let you just save it with the same name, because it wants a different one. In the suggested filename, type in the category code (available in the category descriptions in the rules), add a hyphen then type in the full title of your work. Make sure the file type is jpg or jpeg. Click on "Save". It should save a copy of your cover under that name. There will now be two copies of the cover: one with the original name and one with the new name.

Simpler method: Open your file manager. Find the file. Right click, select Rename. Type in the name and return. The file will be renamed.

Pay attention to the category code. If the code is not correct, your cover won't be put in the correct category.

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