Ariana FAQ

What difference does it make if I upload works by two different artists on the same form?

We don't want to make things difficult for the entrants, but we have to manage a huge amount of data, match up the entries to the appropriate categories, send the finalist certificates to the finalists, and send the awards to the eventual winners. Keeping the individual artists separated makes managing the data much less confusing and less likely to be messed up.

We really appreciate the extra time you take to help make things as easy as possible on our end.

Why do I have to do more forms?

Can't I just email you the other covers?


Our barely competent Competition Drones are unable to figure out where to put stuff that doesn't come in through the entry process. Thankfully, the system is smarter than they are.Competition Drone

Who can enter a cover?

Honestly, we don't much care who fills out the form or pays the fees. We do insist that the information be that of the specific artist so we know where to send our awards. We also provide lovely certificates for the finalists, so we need correct email addresses.

As long as you complete the entry and upload forms as though you were the artist, it's okay with us if you want to do this. Oh, the one piece of information that can be yours is the contact email. This is the email which will receive the upload instructions.

May I enter my original cover for a reprint?

Since the cover itself is new, even though the book itself is not eligible for the competition, you may enter your cover. However, we have to be able to verify the publication date. We use the buy link to view that the book is for sale. There is normally a publication listed. If there is none, or it is the original publication date and is outside the qualifying period, your entry will be disqualified.

When you provide us with a buy link, ensure it goes to a page where the correct publication date can be found.

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