How do I enter a story or novella from an anthology?

You will send us the entire anthology, renaming the file to reflect the individual story you are entering. The judges will only read the work indicated by the filename. Your upload form should reflect the name of the story, not the entire anthology.

Example one: You have a 10,000 word romance story in an anthology called Stories from the Wild West. The title of the story is The Virgin Schoolteacher. The length would require this work to be entered in the Romance Short Works (RS) category. The filename should be RS-TheVirginSchoolteacher.

Example two: You have a 23,000 fiction mystery novella in the anthology Gumshoe Diaries. Because the word count falls between 20,000 (the maximum for Short Works) and 30,000 (the minimum for the novel-length categories), you have the choice of entering this novella in either the Fiction Short Works category (FS) or the Mystery category (F06). So if your novella is titled A Bad Day for Bill, and you decided to put it in the Fiction Short Works category, your file should be named FS-ABadDayForBill.  If you decided to put it in the mystery category, your filename would be F06-ABadDayforBill.

Remember, you will send us the entire anthology. If you are entering more than one story from an anthology, you will submit each story separately. Yeah, a separate copy of the entire anthology for each story entered. Each story that is entered must have its own file. We understand that means that we may receive an anthology numerous times.

Why can't we just use the same anthology for several stories? Because the filenames have to reflect the title the judges are to read. Several judges may be assigned to the stories entered from a single anthology. The various stories may be entered in all kinds of categories and separate files for each entered story will assist the Judge Coordinator in assigning the entries to judges.

In the word count field, enter the count for the story you are entering, not the word count for the entire enthology.