Why did you dump the Anthology category?

Frankly, anthologies were a pain in the posterior!

First there was the entry process. Even though we tried to simplify things, the entry of anthologies became very complex since there wasn't a single author...unless there was a single author...

Then there was the trophy, which could be presented to the editor, who took a whole bunch of stories and put them into a comprehensible whole, or the publisher, who produced the collection, or the author, who wrote all the stories. See how it got confusing? There were contributors of anthologies who thought everyone in the anthology should get a trophy. One year, we had a winner who had...no kidding...fifty contributors. That would have almost tripled the number of trophies. Crazy, right?EPICDroneMascot

Judging was the final straw. Judges read each story in the anthology, scored the individual works then scored the collection as a overall whole. And what did they do if there were stellar pieces and the rest were not up to par, or visa-versa? Too much math when considering the whole. Not everyone can be Einstein or Pascal. Yikes!  Plus, it gave our Competitions Chair headaches and made her grumpy.

So we came up with one way to make the process easier for everybody, especially our hard working Competition Chair and her (nearly worthless) Competition Drones: individual authors can enter their anthology pieces in either a short works or a novel category.

This will, hopefully, simplify the entry process. We'll keep an eye on how this works out, but we're optimistic that it'll make more people happy than it ticks off.