eBook Competition FAQs

What does "as the product sells" mean?

The eBook Competition is for electronic books which have been professionally published and are for sale to the public  Your entry should be a PDF of the work which any customer could purchase. We have received a staggering number of Advance Reading Copies (ARC), and even a few obvious Word-generated PDF versions of manuscripts. When the filename includes such things as "ARC," "edited version," or "print proof," it gets closer scrutiny. If an uploaded file is found to be an ARC, edited manuscript file, or a proof or galley, it will be disqualified. Entries should be clean, well formatted, and free of errors. Judges will consider these items as part of the evaluation process.

What are the dates for the eBook Competition?

Seriously? Did you read the rules?

The dates for all our competitions are part of the rules. You can find them there.

How do I complete the upload form?

Take care in entering the information. Pay attention to what each field requires.

eMail fields require valid email format: me @ mydomain.com, or net, or whatever.

URL fields require a valid URL. Copy and paste works really well. 

  • PayPal Transaction ID is included the upload instructions email. Copy and paste the ID into the field. The ID can only be used once. If you have paid for two entries, make sure you have completed both entry sections before you click on "Submit."
  • Publishing Company means the name of the company. If you are Self-published, enter that in the field.
  • Publisher's email address can be the email of anyone who can answer questions regarding your entry. If you are Self-published, put in your email address.
  • The Buy Now link is where the book can be purchased. The URL link must go directly to the book whether on the publisher's website or other vendor. The publisher's homepage (www.mypublisher.com) is not sufficient.
  • In the Category field, select one category from the dropdown.
  • In the Word-count field, type in the word-count of the work to the closest 500. For example, a book that contains 45,789 words, enter 46,000. For a story an entry that's has 15,425, enter 15,500.
  • Sexual Heat, Explicit Language, Excessive Violence, Religious Content: These items require you to slide the little yellow (or orange, depending on your browser) button to indicate the level of each indicator for your entry. You can also click on the line to move the button.
    • Please read the note under the field. The minimum is 1. You must move the slider at least one place to the right.
  • File Upload: Click on "Browse." Your computer will display the File Manager. Find the book. Check the filename!!!!! See "How do I rename my entry file?" in the FAQ list for the correct format.
    Type in the Spam Check text.
    • Click on the file.
    • Click "Open."
    • The File Manager will go away. You will now be back on the upload form.
    • Check the field in front of "Browse." You should see the entire pathway necessary for the file to be located and uploaded. It will look something like C://Documents/mybooks/F01-mybook.pdf.
    • If your file is not named correctly, your entry will be disqualified.
    • Repeat the above for Entry Two, if you paid for two.
  • Click "Submit."

If your form has valid information--at least as far as the system knows--your entry will be uploaded and your information will be added to our records. You will get a notice at the top of the webpage that your entry was received. You will also receive a confirmation email at the address you provided.

And if you have trouble after following all this guidance, you can ask the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I just can't decide which category to enter. Can you help?

The "bunny" definitions of competition categories might help guide your category choice:

Action/Adventure: Secret Agent James Bunny, code name '7.23Cottontail', strives to overcome the machinations of the evil doctor who wants to take over the world. His cousin, Indyana Bunnie, swings over a waterfall, clutching the Stone of Persistence in his grimy little paw while crazed bunny-eating foxes try to hit him with rocks.

Childrens': A small bunny finds a lost puppy and tries to find its mother. Most of these books rely heavily on pictures and are generally targeted toward small children, i.e. ages 8 or 9 or younger. (See Young Readers for older books)

Contemporary fiction (Formerly Mainstream fiction): A bunny takes a cross-country trip and meets interesting characters along the way. He is not magical nor newly un-zombied, has not escaped from an institution for the criminally inclined, is not from the past nor plans to travel to the future, and does not boff excessively with either female bunnies or male bunnies...or beasts of any ilk.

Erotica: A bunny boffs with him/herself or one or more others, with no expectation other than sexual exploration and pleasure.

Fantasy: A magical bunny, from the world of Garn, pits his skills against an evil wizard lizard.

Historical: A bunny is a soldier in the Civil War, lives in Regency England, or rides the buffalo range...or all three.

Horror: A bunny comes back from the dead to take revenge on the foxes who ate him, BBQing them over hot coals one at a time and leaving their bones for their friends to find.

Mystery: A hard-boiled detective bunny solves a crime and locks away the mad squirrel scientist. A librarian-amateur sleuth bunny solves a surprising number of murders in her small town. A private investigator bunny, disillusioned with the world, is asked to find a missing lady bunny. In the end they discover the truth behind nefarious plots, saving the day with (often) heroic fervor.

Paranormal: A wicked time-traveling ghost bunny from Devonshire haunts the vampire-rat residents who are stalking the beautiful werebears. A psychic bunny helps the police find the Mayor's missing baby frogs. Depending on how much the psychic powers play in the story, the above could be a mystery or a suspense/thriller, i.e. is it predominantly a detective story or is the bunny in extreme danger from her investigation or is it more focused on the paranormal aspect of the bunny's psychic ability?

Science Fiction: Space bunnies with really cool gadgets travel to a newly discovered planet, only to find danger from alien bunny-munching monsters.

Spiritual: A bunny seeks to understand the invisible, spiritual nature of life, transcending the physical, material plane. Stories entered in this category can be from any faith tradition.

Suspense/Thriller: Your heroine uncovers the truth behind the little bunny-down-the-lane, who is really the axe-wielding murderer terrorizing a small Southern town.

Romance works may be any of the genres listed above, but must conform to the romance genre convention, that is, your bunnies find true love; they may be chaste (spiritual/inspirational), boff behind closed doors (sweet), boff energetically (more spicy), or boff themselves silly in interesting ways (erotic). Some erotic romances involve multiple lovers...but as long as they find true love, it's a romance.

Young Readers: Fran and Joe Bunny build a treehouse in their backyard and start a secret club to solve neighborhood mysteries. Young Reader books are generally aimed at kids up through Middle School. A book that is aimed more for older teenagers (Hunger Games, Divergent, for example) could be placed in the appropriate Fiction category and do very well.  The ultimate choice must be the yours.

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