Where do I put my hot, hot, hot paranormal romance?

I'd like to enter my paranormal romance, but am not sure whether it would fall under paranormal romance or whether you would consider it erotica because it has graphic sex scenes.

Graphic sex scenes do not an erotica make.

Erotica is a specific genre which features explicit details and is more focused on sexual exploration, experimentation, and the seeking of pleasure as its own justification rather than the development of any lasting romantic relationships. This is not to say that the protagonists of a erotica cannot find lasting love, i.e. the Happily Ever After Ending of a romance, but it is not a requirement of the genre.

If your book follows the conventions of the romance genre -- the romantic protagonists fall in love and form a lasting relationship -- then it's a romance.

Erotic romances are a blending of the two genres, where the explicit words and details are used, but ends with the HEA ending. In general, if it's a romance, it's a romance, even if it's hot, hot, hot.

For purposes of this competition, you must decide where your book will best fit.

What are the dates for the eBook Competition?

Seriously? Did you read the rules?

The dates for all our competitions are part of the rules. You can find them there.