eBook Competition FAQs

My totally awesome romance has been totally rewritten since it did not final in the 2003 EPPIEs. Why won't you let me enter it again?

It's still the same basic book. Even rewritten, it's already been judged so it cannot enter again. This rule also applies to yearbooks, which, though updated, are the same basic work.

In the same way, books that have been re-released by another publisher cannot be entered in the year of re-release. Sorry.


Why do you only accept PDF? How about a nice txt or Word doc?

The biggest reason is that our judges are international and PDF is a universally accessible format which can be read on a PC or MAC, and on most eBook reading devices.

What do I do if my book is not sold in non-DRM PDF?

All you need to do is get your publisher to send you a non-DRM copy. You can assure the publisher that this copy will not be used for anything other than judging in this competition. Our judges will discard all the entries they receive once they have submitted their scores. The entries will not be further distributed. That's a promise!

If you can't get a non-DRM PDF from your publisher, you can convert a .doc, .epub, .mobi, or other format to .pdf using a free conversion program such as Calibre (http://calibre-ebook.com/). This program has been used successfully by many people and it's pretty easy to use. If you convert your file yourself, let us know so we'll be aware of any issues that may arise from the conversion.

Please note: The content of the book must be the same as the content of the book which is for sale to the public.

What the heck is "non-DRM?"

DRM is Digital Rights Management. It is a method to prevent theft or other unauthorized distribution of copyrighted intellectual property, like an eBook, movie, or audio recording. DRM protection prevents an unauthorized person from opening or playing the digital material. For eBooks, that means an unauthorized person can't open the book and read it. It would be really hard to provide our judges with the keys or other method to open DRM protected book. Again, our promise to you is that your work will not be distributed other than to be judged for this competition. After the scores are received, all copies will be discarded.

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