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EPIC's eBook Competition

EPIC's eBoebookawardok Awards™, formerly known as EPPIE, began in 2000 and has become the oldest competition to recognize excellence in ePublished works, honoring the best of current eBooks from the ePublishing industry. This is a premier event for authors and publishing houses. Winners of the eBook Award receive a stunning trophy as a memory of this achievement.

An entrant stated: "This competition was so easy to enter and I am thrilled to be a finalist.  What an awesome group of authors to be competing against. Now I have to go buy all their books!"

Most questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions. Ready to enter? Go to the Rules and entry forms.

Ariana eBook Cover Art Competition

arianaawardThe Ariana eBook Cover Art Awards honors the memory of early EPIC members, Ariana Overton, a well-respected award-winning artist. Since 2000, EPIC has presented this elite award to exceptional eBook cover artists and their imaginative, eye-catching eBook covers. EPIC's premiere international competition celebrates the best of the best in eBook cover art for the year. Winners of the Ariana eBook Cover Art Award receive a stunning trophy as a memory of this achievement.

An EPIC member put it best: "Book covers - whether paper or electronic – should be eye-catching, encouraging readers to pause for a second glance. Cover art is an unmatched marketing tool that, when notable, enhances sales and writer-recognition. There are a variety of talented artists working within our ePublishing industry and we are very proud to recognize this creativity."

Most questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions. Ready to enter? Go to the Rules and entry form.

nvlogoLiteracy is close to the hearts of EPIC members and we are very proud of the New Voices Young Writers Competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage reading and writing in public, private and home-based schools. Young writers, ages 11 through 18, may enter essays, poems, and short stories. Their works are judged by published authors, publishers, editors, teachers, and librarians, who offer each entry constructive criticism. The winners are included our annual anthology and receive a printed copy with CD, and a variety of prizes in their award package. We also send a copy of the printed book, with CD, to their schools. We do not offer scholarships.

The New Voices Young Writers website and competition offer the perfect forum for young people to learn the versatility of eBooks, to experience a taste of the ePublishing world, and to receive guidance from their peers and eIndustry professionals.

EPIC grants unlimited permission for all winners to use finalist and winner logos, available upon request from the Competitions Chair. This permission extends to publishers, authors, and websites containing or representing finalist and winning entries.

We have guidelines for each competition, details listed on individual rules page. There are also Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

All competition e-mail correspondence sent to the Competitions Chair and must include the following in the SUBJECT line: the reason for e-mail contact (competition, entry, format. naming, payment, award, etc.), the entrant's name, and title of entry.


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