2003 eBook Award (EPPIE) Winners

Action/Adventure The Journey James Bailey Virtualbookworm.com
Anthology Shifters Jane Toombs, Myra Nour, Jennifer Dunne and Robin Bayne New Concepts Publishing
Children's Hyper Harry Patricia H. Aust New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary Romance Last Resort Cheryl Norman Wings ePress
Fantasy/Paranormal/Science Fiction Romance Finders Keepers Linnea Sinclair Novel Books, Inc.
Fantasy Shadow Prince Jennifer Dunne New Concepts Publishing
Historical Genesee Juliet Waldron Jacobyte
Historical Romance Sally Sweet's Sister Sarah Winn RFI West
Horror Woodline Lawrence Crossett LTD Books
Inspirational A Necklace of Warm Snow Brenda Townsend Hall Zander Ebooks
Mystery The Pride of Peacock Josh Hardin Wordbeams
Non-fiction: How-to Becoming Your Own Critique Partner Janet Walters & Jane Toombs RFI West
Non-fiction: Philosophy Re:Viewing, Thinking, Turning Alan Wittbecker Ebooksonthe.net
Poetry American Lyricon Joel L. Young SynergEbooks
Romantic Suspense Picture of Guilt Helen Haddad RFI West
Science Fiction Fallen City Greg Austin and Rick Sellers Zumaya
Single Title/Mainstream The Blue Mosaic Vase Christy Shary SynergEbooks
Thriller Deadly Visits Janet Brown New Concepts Publishing
Western Listen to the Mockingbird Penny Rudolph Zumaya
Young Adult (TIE)  Spirit Singer Edward Willett Awe-Struck Ebooks
Painted With Shadows Becca De La Rosa LTD Books