Congratulations to our 2017 finalists!

Children/Young Reader

A Five4thsofJuly A LoveAtFirstBook A OnceUponaZombie
Renee Barratt Sara Tregay Hyun Min Lee


B Simmer B Targeted B TheDomAroundTheCorner
L.C. Chase Reese Dante L.C. Chase


C Champion C LovingAndLoathingVegas C Tulpa
Sheri McGathy L.C. Chase Julie Napier

General Fiction/Nonfiction

D Broken D HangOnAndFly D MyFathersAshes
Reese Dante Renee Barratt Steve Watz & William Savage


E ASpiritedAffair E ATwelfthNightTale E BrokenBlades E Nightingale
Debra Dixon Mari Anne Christie Lori Witt Lori Witt


F ZombieGirl F PandorasBox F TheGirlWhoIgnoredGhosts F WintersJourney
Danielle Fine Shyanne England Paramita Bhattacharjee Dawne Dominique


G EdistoJinx G OnTheChoppingBlock G TheEnd G TheFogSeller
Debra Dixon Renee Barratt Devon Avery Borocki


H HeartsUnloched H KissesonaPaperAirplane H PawsitivelyInLove
Terri Del Negro Sarah Vance-Tompkins L.C. Chase

Science Fiction/Futuristic

I AnImmortalsGuidetoTarth I MindSecrets I TinMan
Kayelle Allen Karri Klawiter L.C. Chase


K BlindEye K DeepTime K NoHidingPlace
Carol Hightshoe Debra Dixon Karri Klawiter



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